Deep Boreholes Soakaway


Soakaways are used to collect surface runoff prior to being discharged into the surrounding soil. They are usually employed in areas where the surface run-off cannot be disposed into existing sewers or watercourses. Where the impermeable layer is considerably thicker, it is necessary to drill a Soakaway Borehole to reach the permeable strata that will allow the water to run away at a convenient rate.

We aim to make the installation of your deep bore soakaway as simple as possible, with the minimum of disruption. All work is undertaken by our own in-house drilling team and we keep you updated about the progress.

We will provide you with advice, a no-obligation site assessment and a free, no-obligation quotation.

If you decide to accept our proposal for your deep bore soakaway, our services typically include:

  • The soakaway borehole is constructed by drilling through the impermeable strata beneath a site until a permeable strata is penetrated;
  • Permeability tests are carried out during construction by filling the bore with water and monitoring the time it takes to flow out of the base;
  • Installation of plastic pipe with screened section (slotted pipe) over the area of acceptance, and  placement of gravel filter medium between the pipe and the borehole wall to maximise the flow of water following completion;
  • Grouting/sealing sections of the borehole where required;
  • Testing for flow rates on the completed Soakaway;
  • Supplying and fitting of the siphon head.

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