Restricted Access Drive in Sampling


For restricted access sites, the only 650mm wide drilling module is detached and able to fit through a small standard door and virtually reach any location. The module is powered by a portable power pack and gives opportunity to use full Terrier capabilities at restricted access locations as basements or back gardens without gated access.

Percussive window sampling can also be carried out using a portable jack-hammer system of drilling. The sample tubes are driven into the ground using a hydraulic hammer and are then retrieved with the use of a compact 11t hydraulic jack.

Both of the above systems are ideal for use in sites with restricted access where conventional window sample rigs are unable to reach the location. Extra-long hydraulic hoses can be provided to allow the power pack to be located away from the working area, this could be used to alleviate the problem of exhaust fumes when working in confined spaces.

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Hand Held Drive in Sampler

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