Rotary Drilling


Our drilling department is well equipped and the work is carried out by highly experienced drillers and supporting personal. The Comacchio 305 MC rig is compact multi functional rotary unit, ideal for geo-environmental site investigation work, with its ability to access restricted sites, it offers an impressive range of drilling techniques to suit wide range of site conditions and is a great choice for almost any contract.

Using so called "dry drilling" or standard double/triple core barrel systems we are able to achieve high quality core sample in almost any environment. The rig is mounted on rubber tracks and is remotely controlled for easy access in difficult terrain. This rig is also suited to Auger Drilling, Deep Borehole Soakawys, Deep Piezometars and conventional Water Wells.

The machine is capable of operating all rotary drilling systems, D.T.H. hammers, coring and if required can also carry out window / window-less sampling and in-situ testing including standard U100 sampling.

Our rigs and crew are fully equipped and experienced in providing the following services:

  • Dynamic sampling/dry drilling;
  • Double or triple-tube coring with diamond or tungsten-tipped core bits;
  • Wireline drilling using Geobeore S system or similar;
  • Open hole drilling using up to 300mm augers or rock rollers.
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