Drive in Sampling

This method is commonly employed in geotechnical and environmental investigations and is carried out by tracked light percussion rigs. Samples are retrieved in seamless plastic tubes for logging by a suitably qualified engineer on site. Window(less) dynamic sampling is particularly suited to restricted access sites, contamination investigations, and where disturbance should be kept to a minimum. This method has proven to be the most cost effective approach for providing information required for shallow spread foundations and investigation carried out for small projects.

AVZGeoEng operates a fleet of Terrier Rigs. Occupying a small footprint, the compact and extremely versatile Dando Terrier drilling rig is designed to be easily transportable and simple to manoeuvre through tight spaces with difficult access, causing very little disturbance to its surroundings.

In the right ground conditions, the Terrier is routinely capable of forming boreholes to 10m depth, up to 128mm diameter, in soft to firm ground up to 15m depth. The rig is equipped with 143mm casing used to support sites with high groundwater table and unstable ground conditions. The rig could perform dynamic sampling of soils to obtain near-undisturbed continuous samples up to 120mm diam. retained in plastic liner and undisturbed soil U-100 and UT-100 samples, the rig is able to undertake Standard Penetration Testing (SPTs), install standpipes, monitoring wells and performing dynamic probing. Our rig also has coring attachment for gaining access through hard-standing.

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